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About Emma

When Emma is on stage she's free. In singing she can express all her emotions. Emma finds it important that she tells a story when she sings a song: her story.

In June 2021 Emma (15) won the tenth season of The Voice Kids (RTL4) in The Netherlands. In February 2023 she won the first season of Ministars (SBS6) with her amazing performance and interpretation of the French song 'Voilà' by Barbara Pravi. The Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu was so impressed with Emma's performance that he invited her to perform 'Voilà' at his annual concert series at the Vrijthof in Maastricht in July 2023. This performance directly went viral and already has reached over 30 million views on YouTube and over 13 million streams on Spotify. André Rieu invited Emma to go on world tour with his orchestra in 2024. Emma also sang 'Voilà' together with the famous German singer and performer Helene Fischer in her annual Christmas show that was broadcast in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This performance went also viral on YouTube.

Emma works intensively with the Dutch songwriter and producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis (also known as TJ Oosterhuis). Together they released two singles 'Laat mij een vlinder zijn' (2022) and 'Strijder' (2023) which means warrior. 
When they work together in his studio, magic happens.

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Emma's foundation: Gastrostars

After winning Ministars in 2023, Emma created a foundation for everyone suffering from the same desease as Emma suffers: gastroparesis. Gastrostars is the first patients organization for everyone with a stomach paralysis and other additional physical conditions such as a paralyzed or slow working intestines. You can read more about this rare disease or donate on the website of the foundation.

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